Christmas Eve Prayer Service @ 4:00 PM Social Distantcing in Effect

2 Hours 6014 Fuqua St, Houston, TX 77048

Sunday School every Sunday for all ages  9:00 am 

Morning Worship and Youth Church 10:00 am

Christmas Caroling * Each Sunday – December 1st – 29th

Dec. 14th –  Christmas Program -A Night In Bethlehem @ 4:00 pm

Dec. 23rd – Jan 2nd No Weekly Services

Dec 24th – @ 8:00 am Minister to the Less Fortunate

Dec. 25th – Christmas Day

Dec. 31st * New Year Eve Celebration 8:00 PM                                       

Gather with us as we give thanks to the Lord Jesus for who He is, and  for what He has done.

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6014 Fuqua St, Houston, TX 77048
Dec 24